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about us

Our Law Firm has been on the market since 1998, conducting its business activity on the whole territory of Poland, particularly in the area of Silesia.

The Law Firm had been operating as a sole proprietorship until 2012 and since May 2012 it has also been providing legal services as a limited partnership, carrying out its activity under the business name of "Codex" Kancelaria Radców Prawnych P. Bożek i Wspólnicy spółka komandytowa. Since October 2011 our registered office has been located in Bielsko-Biała, at Karpacka 24/B16. We also have a branch office in Szczyrk, at Salmopolska 5.

We provide our legal service to natural and legal persons, who conduct their business activity on the territory of Poland and other European Union countries.

Our lawyers can represent clients in conciliation proceedings, legal proceedings in courts, administrative and tax proceedings as well as in negotiations and mediations, in the whole area of Polish and European law.

Our offer also includes comprehensive consultancy services with respect to all legal matters concerning our client’s activity, preparation and assessment of draft agreements, preparation of legal analyses, audits, legal opinions as well as constitutional/organizational documents of companies.

Our clients come from Poland and other countries of the European Union.

The Law Firm has wide experience in providing service to companies, partnerships and natural persons conducting their business activity as well as to companies offering personal and property insurance coverage.

Our Law Firm also offers various trainings in selected fields of law to the employees of its clients and the third party.

Wykonanie i utrzymanie
Grupa Szarka.


"Codex" Radcowie Prawni Bożek, Kupilas, Krupa spółka komandytowa
ul. Karpacka 24/B16, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała
tel.: 33 822 16 87, 33 496 33 00, fax: 33 496 33 01
tel. kom: +48 720 030 340
e-mail: p.bozek@prawo.bielsko.pl

© Copyright 2014 by "Codex" Radcowie Prawni Bożek, Kupilas, Krupa spółka komandytowa